My painting and photographic artwork is a meticulously crafted rendering of masses and hues, conveying a sense of calm beauty.The sway of the sea, the movement of the waves, the intriguingly intricate patterns in flowers, trees and underwater life permeates throughout my photographic artwork, reflecting my own perception of Nature, far beyond reality.I use traditional classical painting techniques in dynamic new ways to build deep values and rich colours. For optimum results, I create my work with the latest digital technology and use only the best painting materials and tools available .

Sea Algae Neon series
Seaweed portrayed in vibrant fluorescent colours give a new perspective of the ocean floor.

Azure Series
Algae depicted in vivid blue hues remind the viewer of the colours of a cloudless sky.

Breaking Waves Series
Waves breaking into the sand.

Springtime Series
Exuberant Spring colours for the start of a new life cycle.

Bloom Series 
Flower gardens of riotous colours.

Blue Sea Series
The sea and the sky seem to melt into one another.

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​​​​Marta Caldas Art Studio

Motion 2 / Sea Algae Neon series 


This is a brief description of the series released to date and readily available. Please contact me to view my full portfolio .